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Demand charges keep climbing. Snapmeter helps you manage the peak days that drive your costs.

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nail your budget

Sick of scratching your head over unexplained variance? Let us decode your bills.

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hit your goals

Ditch the spreadsheets and manual data entry. Gridium is always accurate and always up to date.

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Managing 150,000,000 square feet of real estate... and counting

Gridium applies advanced analytics to your smart meter data.

Pay a low monthly subscription. No upfront cost, no long-term commitment. More >
Quick payback
Gridium spots operational improvements with immediate ROI. More >
Fast deployment
We pull energy data directly from your utility. No software or hardware to install. More >

For Utilities

utility-inset Energy efficiency no longer means swapping out light bulbs. Tap new opportunities with a systems-level approach that combines operations, equipment, and data.

Gridium's proven track record delivering measurable savings can help utilities hit their energy efficiency goals. More >

For Services Firms

engineering-insetGridium delivers whole-building insights quickly and at low-cost, providing a powerful boost to retrocommissioning services. Use Gridium to cut audit costs, measure ROI, provide post-project monitoring, and deepen your relationship with your customer. More >


July 8: Webinar: Billcast training. Billcast forecasts your building's electricity budget, organizes the bills, and quantifies the factors causing monthly bill variance. Join Tim Canavan, Gridium's Senior Manager of Operations, on Wednesday, July 8, at noon PT for a brief webinar on how to use Billcast. Register here.

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