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As utilities pass more of the cost of electricity transmission onto their customers, demand charges keep rising. Rates are now above $25 per kilowatt-month in many areas. The single highest 15-minute period can easily drive 40% of your bill.

That’s scary, but it also presents an opportunity. By identifying high-demand days and strategically managing your load, you can lower your energy costs with modest effort, no capital costs, and minimal impact on tenant comfort.

How it Works

Energy demand in your building is driven by weather, occupancy, and other predictable factors. Using your smart meter data, Snapmeter creates a highly accurate statistical model of your building’s behavior.

Our demand forecasting service then gives you advanced warning of peak demand days. By reducing load on those days, you can trim your demand charges. Reducing demand can be as easy as adjusting your temperature setpoints, reducing lighting, or executing a curtailment sequence in your BMS. The costs are minimal and the payback immediate.

Further Benefits

Snapmeter can do a lot more than predict future demand. By weather-normalizing your smart meter data and applying daily diagnostic analysis, Snapmeter helps you track efficiency improvements, building drift, and spot operational opportunities to save money.

Snapmeter combines these diagnostic alerts with a rate engine that models your utility tariff with to-the-penny accuracy, allowing you to prioritize and stay on top of energy management issues before they become expensive.

Contact us to get started with a no-risk trial. If you’re not delighted with the service, you don’t pay a cent.

Key Features

Drop-dead simple to deploy Because we retrieve your data directly from the utility, there’s no installation required. We’ll have you up and running in a few hours.

Low cost Snapmeter is so affordable, ROI is obsolete. You’ll find it easier just to tally up the savings!

Great workflow Tools only work if they work for you. Snapmeter delivers the targeted information you need directly to your email inbox.